Saturday, May 17, 2014

The Journey Of Life Is Long And Unknown

After a while you have to ask yourself why you have stayed so long. You have to ask yourself why you have held out hope. You have to ask yourself why you have allowed yourself to “waste” time rather than being excited about the new opportunities that could have come your way. After a while you can’t wonder or blame the other person or people but rather you have to say to yourself why you have stood in the rain of troubles waiting on the people around you to change. At some point we have to be willing to let go of the comfort we have allowed other people to enjoy while draining the life out of ourselves. Life is short and it’s about actively living to the best of your ability. Establishing some security for yourself and working on your spiritual growth in the light of God’s grace. You cant take everything to seriously and you have to know when its time to let things change in order for the bigger picture to come forth. The reality is none of us like unpredictable change because we find security in the “knowing and understanding” of things. But what if that’s not the way its suppose to be. What if the mystery and the adventure of the journey is all what life is about. What if it boils down to this: The creator is seeing if the created will trust the process. You’re here for a purpose, a mission, a goal and its up to you to take in the experience, the lessons and then use the tools you have gained to encourage someone else. Have faith in the process…. God has your best will in mind #ThisTooShallPass

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