Thursday, May 8, 2014

What Will My Heart Say...

Sometimes it all goes wrong for all the right reasons.

 When we take a moment to look closely at every trail, tribulation, obstacle, or intentional hurt that has happened to us we can see that it created or allowed space for something new to grow in us. The divine plan for us is that we grow in order to have endurance and perseverance for the race of life. Do you remember when you thought you lost it all? What was the one thing that you hoped for... You remember... is that you would just be able to get through the situation and now look at you; you’re still here. You have to remember that and be grateful for it because it shows you that no matter what you go through you will be fine. Yes you may come out with some bad bruises, cuts and painful memories but you made it and for each trial and test you go through you are just gaining more momentum and tools to take on the next big battle. When Jesus was about to ascend back into heaven after the crucifixion he told his disciples that he would send them a helper (the holy spirit) in order for them to keep on with the mission. In other words he was saying to them, I already know that your passionate about the mission, that you believe in what is going on and that you want to stay faithful to the cause but I also know your human inadequacies and that the hardest thing going forward for you will be to “hold on” so that’s why I am sending you some help so in those moments of great depression, confusion, bending of the soul and simply just wanting to not fight anymore you won’t give up. Perseverance and endurance is not for the faint of heart but it is for those who really want to see the victory and enjoy the blessings that the divine order has already placed ahead of you. You’re not an accident and neither are the things you go through because everything are lessons that God would have you to learn. You’re having financial issues well review how you got there, take ownership for your mistakes and fight like hell to get out of it. Your heart is broken from a previous relationship well take ownership of why you allowed yourself to put some person first rather than God who should always be first. The key to holding on is to raise your hand, own your sins and turn it around. Don’t die now because the victory party will be worth enduring for. Remember what God promised you in the light so that while you’re in the dark you can hold on. #KeepItMoving

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