Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Life Well Done... Dr. Maya

“I Open My Mouth To The Lord And I Will Go, I Shall Go And See What The End Will Be” Dr. Maya Angelou sang this at the funeral of the late Ms. Coretta King and when I heard those words again today in remembering her passing I thought to myself this is not a sadness nor a death but this is someone who traveled the journey of Life with her personal eyes, soul, and mind constantly searching for what the next path the Lord had for her and how she would be used by him. Eighty- Six years of soul traveling, experiences, hardships, challenges, obstacles, joys and thrills and now her time on earth is complete. I have studied some of the poems and writing of Dr. Angelou and for me the most important thing I got from her life is to have that space within yourself where only you and God dwell. To have a sanctuary where no one is allowed in to that part of your heart and soul but God because he deserves a sacrificial place to fellowship to dwell with you. It teaches you about who you really are in the silence of holiness and it brings out your creativity, peace of mind and eternal joy. When you have that inside you then it helps you to love better, walk more in confidence and grace and it helps you to have more empathy for your neighbor. What the world needs more of is empathy, love and prayer. And if we can learn anything from Dr. Maya's life it is to be a little kinder and to pray for the people in our own circle and around the world. Life well done Dr. Angelou you where the grandmother of wisdom for this generation.

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