Thursday, September 3, 2009

Don't Throw The Baby Out With The Bath Water....

When I hear my so called conservative friends talk about their love for America and its values I don’t doubt that they are looking at this seriously I just doubt if their not agenda motivated rather than people motivated. I am not a fan of Nancy Polisi or Barney Frank but I am also not a fan of Sarah Palin and Dick Cheney. Extreme is bad on both sides. Anytime you have people saying that others can’t be involved unless they agree with you on everything it becomes dangerous. Nancy Polisi says if your not for universal health care than your not a democrat and Dick Cheney says that he doesn’t want people like Colin Powell and Megan McCain in the republican party. You want to talk about control, communism, dictatorship and taking away a persons choice of freedom and the right to think and believe what you want: there we go.

Here’s the fact even in our own camps where not going to agree on every little detail, but we can agree not to throw the baby out with the bath water. This summer I had written several articles on health care and the right to life that I think will help real conservatives, like myself, well I am more of a libertarian conservative I guess, get back into office and help take America where we ought to be. But before I get started I just wanted to mention something that I think is fact. About the some of our presidents:

1. Barack Obama- Moderate Socialist: I honestly think that President Obama has a good heart. I am proud that we have a African American in the white house. I look up to him and he helps me to realize that all my dreams can come true if I am willing to fight hard enough for them and take the heat. But I really think that himself and many Americans believe that socialism is the best government policy. I think that we need to stop using this word as a bad word in a country where freedom of speech and belief make up the foundation to who we are. I believe that God allowed His son to die for my sins and I don’t want to be beaten down for that so I don’t see why we can’t have an honest conversation with people who believe in socialism. It’s a government policy idea that some countries have. People believe that the government will take care of the country better than the private sector does. They believe in a even playing field for everyone and no competition. I don’t believe that Obama is a bad guy and I know that his motives are from a good place, it just so happens to be a socialist place. Ted Kennedy was this way, Hillary Clinton has some of these beliefs; so why can’t we just talk about it, we can and we will disagree with it, but we should be free enough to say what’s really going on. I don’t think Obama is a bad guy, I just know he is a Socialist and it’s a fact- Like it or not- and we can all no matter where we stand love and pray for our president.

2. George W. Bush- Center Left; He governed from the center 90% of the time. But most of his big mistakes was when he went to the left: Iraq, Bailout, increasing government. He was center in many of his things, but we have to admit George Bush was no conservative. He put his Jesus Card up when he needed the votes, but as soon as he was elected he didn’t call for another four years.

3. Bill Clinton- Liberal; Bill Clinton is a fair minded Liberal; he believed that government was suppose to be a support system to the poor and stay out of the areas of the private sector that worked. On national security he was a true blue liberal. And in many ways I think that him and bush are alike because they paid a lot of people off to keep quiet.

4. George H.W. Bush- Libertarian: Do what you want just leave me alone. This guy has to be my favorite. He really just wanted the private sector to do its part and the government to do its part. He made some slips along the way, but I don’t think he has been given as much credit as he deserves when it comes to his attitude about government and the private sector- leave us alone and we will leave you alone.

5. Ronald Reagan- Big Tent Moderate: this man literally had Colin Powell and Dick Cheney working for him. Now that’s genesis. He has conservative kids and liberal kids. We wanted all options on the table. Conservative, liberal or moderate and it didn’t matter which one was what he wanted to do the best thing for the nation. Ronald Reagan didn’t care if you where Christian or Jewish, Gay or Straight, Male or Female, Black or White, Conservative, Moderate or Liberal. He wanted the best people with the best ideas at the table.
I think this is accurate- you may disagree but that’s ok you have the right to be wrong- LOL.

I want to jump in again and talk about some of the problems that we seem to be facing when it comes to the health care debate. I think that both extremes of both parties have High Jacked the health care debate and have taken it to places neither side can afford to go. I want to bring things back to the center and try to get things done.

If democrats are going to do the right thing, they must tell Nancy Pelosi to step away from the table or to claim her fire down. It’s the democrats in the house that are KILLING obama. Their making this man and this country look like fools. There not keeping with the spirit of Ted Kennedy. We all no that our health care system needs to be fixed, but we also must remember that there are a lot of great things about what we have now. If where going to fix things these are the steps we must take.

1st we must start telling the truth about how many Americans aren’t covered. Its not 47 million Americans. Its only 15 million. 17 million of those people not covered are illegal immigrants from: Canada, Germany, Mexico ext. That right there takes you down to 30 million. 10 million of those people don’t have full coverage health care like: dental, hospital, prescription; they are just covered to go and see their doctor. And then five million people it is estimated wouldn’t even get coverage if they had to. So now where left with 15 million Americans. It is 305 Million Americans and 70% of these people have health care. And out of that 70%, 55% are happy with what they have. So 15% of American are unhappy with there current health care, plus we have another 15 million Americans who aren’t covered. Should we completely scrap our entire system for government run health care when about 70% of it works. I don’t think so. I think that we need to fix it put not throw it away. So here’s my plan.

a. Every American regardless of pre- existing conditions should be able to get health care. Let the private insurers compete for business against each other, not against the government.

b. Lower prescription drugs cost, doctor cost and hospital cost for senior citizens by 20%.

c. Provide free health care for children who live in single parent low income homes or who are being raised by a low income relative or guardian.

d. Change the rules for health care companies. Give solid. No nonsense rules to them for incentives and benefits if they lower the cost of their monthly services. If people pay less then the companies can receive rewards.

e. And allow prescription drug companies to compete across state lines and for “Off brand” prescriptions companies to compete in the market as well.
With these cut is cost and improvements I think Conservatives, Moderates and Liberals should be able to agree. This will help save us trillions of dollars in debt and restore faith and confidence in a government that seems to be getting bigger and a lot less interested in everyday peoples needs.

I Could Be Wrong But I doubt it ;)

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