Sunday, September 13, 2009

Is Obama A Liar?

Wow this has been a crazy week since President Obama made his speech. Many people are talking about the congressman’s comments during the president when he shouted out “You Lie”. I want to address some issues that I think are “media money” and politically driven that has taken priority over the real issues when it comes to this issue and the issue of the two million people who marched on Washington for the tea party.

I don’t think that the congressman was out of line at all. Since the beginning of this nation politicians have literally fought to have their opinions heard. In the beginning of this country they use to physically fight in many instances for the right of power and rule. During most presidents and even within their own parties their have been fights, outburst and signs of disagreement with the president. Does this help the cause of the conservative movement not really because it focuses on a man rather than trying to defeat universal health care. But I don’t think that this congressman or the politicians that where waving their bills in the air during the presidents speech where being disrespectful.

Also as absurd as people like Glen Bleck , who should be buried alive, who call the president a raciest is, it is just as crazy to think that these tea party participants and the politicians are raciest as well. I think that the race card is overly used in all of this (Since Obama has been elected we have only had one instance nationally that was out of line when it came to race and that was the horrible treatment of Professor Gates and I stand by my statement when I say it was because he was black). Now lets be honest, we know that there are ignorant people in every group but the majority of people who disagree with the health care bill are really not that mad at Obama, I am sure that they think he is a nice guy and a great husband and father, they just disagree with his policies and the policies of the democrats in congress. This is not a issue of race, this is a issue of policy. But the problem is the conservatives have a image problem. They are not putting educated, well rounded African Americans like me up on the platform and they don’t know how to reach people like myself because for so many years they have sat us in the back of the bus. Their needs to be an apology made to conservative African Americas and then to let us come in with our views and counter attack and have a real conversation with democrats and president obama.

The health care bill is not to help the poor, but rather it is the second step, roe vs wade being the first, of population control and government control from the far left of the party. I think that conservatives have to fix their image and control their tongues and continue to fight for freedom for all people and in the process of reorganizing our image when can no longer be the party of “rich white men”. Rather we have to have Mexicans, blacks, women, Asians, poor, old and people who come just like they are into this party; if Christians can have “Christian Rap and Rock” then the conservative movement can have Bobby House III cause you know I am not changing for NOBODY- I am coming just like this- HOLLA. We can no longer have a “test” to be in the Republican Party (I use this as an example because people like Dick Cheney, who is the main reason why people hate George Bush, say that Colin Powell and Megan Mccain shouldn’t be in the conservative movement) . We have to accept all views. Some republicans believe in the CoOp for health care, some don’t and that’s where the conversation has to begin; its not the democrats and Obama that are beating us, we are beating ourselves.

Again lets continue to fight for affordable health care for all Americans by doing the following:

1.Letting insurance companies compete across state lines

2.Putting rules on malpractice laws

3.Lowering cost for seniors and children

4.Fixing Medicare, Welfare, Social Security, Cobra, and Medicate

5.Allowing people with pre-existing health problems to get insurance and not to have their cost higher if they are sick. Same rules and cost should be across the board for everyone.

This, my friends is the way to fix Health Care in America, and it is not raciest to say that you disagree with universal health care. But as conservatives with must stop shouting and start coming up with real solutions because look at Massachusetts and their health care program it is bankrupting their state and we don’t want a system like that for America. And another thing is we can mandate people to get health care because I personally know people who wouldn’t get health care for any reason- they really do believe in taking chances and that is their right. There is only about 15-20 million Americans who want health care and can’t afford it or who are dissatisfied with their current plan. Let’s fix what we have and add to it, not throw it out and start over. We can save money, lives, and keep the quality of health care with my plan. This is not about party or politics- this is about doing the right thing. Email the white house and tell them your plan and concerns go to the white houses’ website- we can’t be silent anymore on this issue. It will bankrupt America and send us to a socialistic society.

Has Obama and the Democrats lied to us, absolutely not. We heard him campaign and we heard all of the democrats campaign and we have been listening to Nancy Pelosi and far left liberals for years tell us that they are socialist. So we should not be surprised when they are doing what they have said that they would do. When government runs the private sector or has influence over the private sector that is socialism and that is the platform that Obama, democrats and the far left stand on- and we have to accept that this is our new conversation; Socialism Vs. Capitalism. And in my opinion we have to save capitalism but at the same time fix it because we all know that George Bush implemented A LOT of socialist and liberal agendas himself, (Homeland Security and the Iraq War). Don’t fight for a party or an agenda. Fight for the right of freedom- that’s all I am saying.

I could be wrong, but I doubt it- be Blessed.

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