Saturday, September 19, 2009

Is Jimmy Carter Right?

Well I think that after a week of hearing about all of this “Race Card” crap when it comes to Obama and linking these people to him: Kenya West, Rep. Joe Wilson, Jimmy Carter, Rush Limbaugh, the school bus fight in IL, ACORN and others- I am going to jump in and give my opinion.

I do believe that there are a significant amount of Americans who dislike the fact that we have an African American president. I think that those same people would be upset if GOP Chairman Michael Steel or Condi Rice was president also. But I also think that they would be upset if it was a woman of any color, a Mormon like Mitt Romney, a Chinese, Mexican, or anything besides a “Christian Southern White Male” who drinks Budweiser and goes to church on Sunday; let’s just be honest here. I also think that there are a significant amount of people that are ignorant of facts and have been scared by fear without facts; I go to school with many of them and many of them are my friends that I have to try and correct them because of the ignorance that comes out of their mouths. We have to be honest with ourselves and with this argument and say that race and ignorance are always held by sections of people when it comes to any debate on any topic; its America and that’s just one of the fabrics that make us who we are weather we like it or not.

But the heartbeat of this debate is made up of people who know the facts, who are not raciest, and most of them have some ethnicity (Irish, native America, polish, German, african american) in them or are women, and they love the president and pray for him and his family they just disagree with his political policies. These Americans are happy and excited that we have a black man representing our country around the world. They believe in equal rights for all people and they wouldn’t care at all if the next 44 presidents where black. These people can even understand why the president had to come up with the stimulus package, and the bailouts and would understand if the president had to have another bailout, because as you can see their where no “Tea Parties” during those activities because economical issues can be a fine line to walk on, and we all know that Obama didn’t get us into this mess so maybe he was doing what he thought was right.

But the problem is that these “tea partiers” and “value voters” are mad as hell because government ran health care is socialism. The definition of socialism is when the government controls or regulates businesses that compete with the private sector (Because eventually the private companies will be forced out of the competition or limited in such a way that they wont be able to make a profit and have to sell their companies and resources to the governement- Look at Massachusetts- ask the people up their how they like their governement ran health care). These people are not talking about race, Joe Wilson is not talking about race, what he did and what many Americans are standing up and shouting for is because Government ran health care will knock out competition in the private sector and it will reduce the quality of health care that we have here in America. The current health care system is broken, but the last thing we need is the government who does such a great job running things (sarcasm) stepping in and running health care.

This is a “death panel” debate because the government will start to decided whose life is worth saving and whose live is not worth saving. Right now hospitals have to TREAT ALL PEOPLE WITH THE BEST CARE AVAIBLIABLE; but when the government steps in they will be able to make the rules about who can and who should live or die, because it will “save money” rather than “saving lives”. These are the facts. I believe that a person who is 100 years old has just as much value and significance as a 20 year old and I believe that both of them deserve the best care that they can get and they ought to have their decisions made between them and their doctor, not between them, their doctor and the government.

What takes focus from the real conversation is when you get idiots who should be executed at the stake like: Rush Limbaugh, Glen Beck, Sean Hannity, Nancy Pelosi, Rachael Maddow, Keith Obberman, Jimmy Carter: all of these damn fools are the reason why people are using the race card, and these are EXTREMEST ON BOTH SIDES LEFT AND RIGHT. Yes there are racial problems in America, but this conversation of protecting the lives of America, keeping people safe from the government, and fixing health insurance and lowering cost have nothing to do with race. Yes there are ignorant people, but lets not include them in our conversation; those extremist on both sides will eventually be extinct because no one wants to hear them talk about their agenda motivated ideas. And let’s get back to real conversation about how we keep the quality and lower the cost.

And again here are my solutions:

1.Letting insurance companies compete across state lines

2.Putting rules on malpractice laws

3.Lowering cost for seniors and children

4.Fixing Medicare, Welfare, Social Security, Cobra, and Medicate

5.Allowing people with pre-existing health problems to get insurance and not to have their cost higher if they are sick. Same rules and cost should be across the board for everyone.

Come on America we can do better than this…. Let’s get off the “Racial Excuse Bus” that has nothing to do with the serious concerns about HEALTH CARE REFORM and let’s debate this issue. There is a time and place and position when it comes to race and the seriousness of it that we need to address with both the far left and the far right- but focus on the shoot and the shoot is health care right now. When it comes to race or race card playing I will be the first to stand up for it like I did when it came to the professor Gates situation which I stand by was racially motivated, but this is not a instance like that at all. Health care Reform…. And ideas?

I could be wrong…. but I doubt it…

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