Friday, July 12, 2013

My Take On The Travon Martin Case

Many discussions have happened when it comes to racial issues over the George Zimmerman trail and many people, especially my white friends, have asked me what are my views on this trial and the situation at hand. Most people have wanted to argue or are looking for fault in the other sides perspective. But for me George Zimmerman is not a raciest and this issue is not about Travon Martin but rather the issue for me is about following the rule of law. George Zimmerman would have went after any kid that day that looked suspicious regardless of race and that for me is the disturbing part about this man. When the 911 operator told him to stay in the house and to let the police do their job that is what he should have done. He should have NEVER left his house. If he was worried or felt like something was going to happen then he should have done exactly what he did CALL THE POLICE and let them handle the situation. George Zimmerman is not guilty of being a raciest because I don’t think he is, for me he is guilty of being an idiot. What if Travon Martin had a weapon on him or was able to over power Mr. Zimmerman and cause him hurt or danger or even death then that would have left Mr. Zimmerman’s family in the same place that Travon Martins family is in: grief. George Zimmerman should go to jail, but it is up to the jury on how long and for what, but let’s not think or accuse him of being a raciest. Let’s be clear he is simply an idiot.

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