Saturday, July 20, 2013

Reassure Your Soul With An Amen

Prayer is the crying out of the desperate soul for an answer to the things that can’t be understood, to the pain that strangles your spirit, to the emotions that won’t stop flowing and to the answers that you will never get. Prayer is comforting for the fact that you know that God has heard you. Go to the Holy Spirit and take your request to him and give your life as a sacrifice so he can petition for you to God. Tell him everything you heart desires and everything your mind needs in order to not fail the test or trail. You go to prayer because you realize your breaking and you don’t want to let God down. You realize that on every corner of your soul you feel like your about to give up. You trust that God can handle the situation but your patience’s is running out and its not like if he doesn’t show up soon your going go anywhere because you have traveled enough roads to know that only God can save you. But you are tired and you do need answers now. So go to prayer. Don’t feel guilty. Don’t feel ashamed. Just pray. Pray for relief because you know your soul is sinking and only God can save you.

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