Sunday, July 14, 2013

The Verdict Is In

I have a lot of friends with kids and I can admit life has given me the majority of my friends to be white, so that just tells you that I don’t see color I only see good people. The verdict is in and 6 American women choose to find George Zimmerman not guilty when it came to the death of Trayvon Martin. They heard both sides, looked at the evidence, asked questions and six women from various backgrounds and ages set this man free. My argument has always been and will remain can children who look suspicious be followed by a stranger, which is every kids worst nightmare, put into a situation were they choose to react from a child’s mindset  and then end up dead. Mr. Zimmerman to me was at fault because he was the adult in the situation and Mr. Martin doesn’t even look 17 yrs old so I know that Mr. Zimmerman couldn’t have thought he was a grown man. But regardless the verdict is in and every side has to accept it because the rules are the rules, a jury of his peers found him not guilty. Now here is what my hope is now that first of all we would all pray for Mr. Martin’s family clearly they feel justice was not served and they are all still grieving the loss of their 17 year old son. Next we need to pray for Mr. Zimmerman’s family that no physical violence would come against them. We also need to pray for the jurors’ that they would be kept safe as well and that the public would have an understanding to their decision because they were the only ones in the discussion room. And then we need to pray for our nation. Our ugly sin and still painful truth the topic of Race continues to divide us rather than unite us. We must find a way to co- exist respectfully. I am not saying I know the answers but clearly the path that we are on is not working. Also we must figure out a way to protect our children in this society were a man’s thought and then act of suspicious behavior doesn’t lead to any more murders of our children and I don’t care what color they are because I couldn’t imagine one of my friends kids being killed just because they were “in the wrong neighborhood”.  I hope that we can gather ourselves correctly as a country and realize that the best way to honor Trayvon right now is to go out and help somebody and not use this moment to hate our neighbor.
Until Jesus Comes, Robert

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