Sunday, July 21, 2013

Just Wait

The devil attacks you because he wants to kill you physically, spiritually and emotionally. It is the goal of the devil to kill the grateful heart because once a man has a heart of stone then he is more tempted to turn his back on God. In this moment of attack your best weapon is to stand. Look the chaos in the face, recognize that this will not turn out the way you expected and continue to stand. Faith is all about Trust. I have no idea of the outcome or how it will go but I will continue to stand and believe that God will get me to the next step. I don’t know where the next step is or how it works or even if what I do next will be positive and help me get to that place, so I will just stand and wait on Jesus to take me there. Its difficult to stand when there is no answer in sight but you must because just like before God will do it again for your victory!

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