Friday, July 5, 2013

The You Love

I believe that the essential thing to hope is understanding.Not understanding all the details and how they work but understand that eventually you will make it through the pain. Pain has so many levels and lessons the key to survival is not letting it control you. Who you are is bigger than what you feel. Who you are is how you react to the situation because the foundation of your soul is rooted in something bigger than yourself. Your convictions lead you. Your ethics guide you. Your boundaries keep you focused. Your are a multi being: mind, body, soul and spirit. All of them are unique to you and created by God for you but can only be formed and given power through you. The understanding of the basics is how one survives the daily sadness and complications  of the moment. To thrive that requires greatness that can only be tapped into when you are obedient to what you were called and created for. So live, move, breath, create, speak up just don’t quit.Slow down if necessary, pause if needed; but don’t speak, feel, allow it around you the word quit. Be Brave to love all of yourself today.
Peace & Love

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